The worst form of global government: that of businessmen

Leonardo Boff

We have dealt before with the empire of the huge multinationals that control the economic flow, and through it, other aspects of world society. This perverse empire was built for lack of a global government, which becomes more urgent every day. There are global problems such as of peace, food, water, climate change, the migrations of the world’s peoples, and others that, because they are global, demand global solutions. But the egotism and individualism of the great powers is preventing such a government.

A global government presupposes that each country cedes a little of its sovereignty, in order to create a global and plural space where global solutions to global problems may be found. But no power wants to renounce any of its power, even if the problems worsen, especially those linked to the physical limitations of the Earth that can negatively affect all of humanity, through extreme events.


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