Valentine’s Day and Afternoon Delight

Rachel's Table

As a youngster in elementary school, I enjoyed exchanging cards and candy with my friends while eating cupcakes and cheese doodles off heart-shaped plates.  But once I grew up, Valentine’s Day seemed all hype and no heart.

Take the obligatory Valentine’s Day dinner, for example. I have never felt anything other than pressure in the air while sitting among other couples nibbling on their dimly lit, overpriced five courses. Love has nothing to do with the overblown expectations of elaborately boxed chocolates, dozens of red roses, and heart-shaped jewelry.

vday tuxedo Ugh. Source

Don’t even get me started on the clichéd Valentine’s Day desserts ending those expensive meals: oozing molten lava cake, chocolate mousse with a single raspberry on top, white chocolate roses for garnish, and the biggest culprit of them all – chocolate-covered strawberries, especially chocolate-covered strawberries dressed like tuxedos. It is February. Strawberries are not in season, and THEY DO…

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