NEW YEAR’S BRODO – It’s all broth to me.

The Garum Factory

Brodo for the New Year-4991Broth? Are you serious – we’ve been offline for four weeks and you want to serve broth?!  But Jody reminded me that we had introduced people to Roquefort ice cream in our last post  and it was a new year, time for new beginnings, setting off on the healthy foot, etc. Okay, okay, I get it.  Herewith: New Year’s Brodo (brodo, Italian for broth). I sometimes envision visitors to the blog like season-ticket holders to the Circus Maximus, just slavering for the opportunity to thrust out their inverted thumbs. But where I see potential critics Jody sees gentle souls garbed like her in moth-eaten cashmere bathrobes and fuzzy slippers, waiting for a warm mug of beef tea, a good book and a place by the fire. I hope she’s right. There is something comforting about broth with shiitake mushrooms, fresh turmeric and ginger. It’s definitely not a meal (for me), but…

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